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Getting Paid and Managing Risk: Top Three Legal Tips.

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Exploring the Personal Properties Securities Act, supplying on credit, the Madrid Protocol, and ending distribution agreements on poor performance.



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Suppliers are often up against the tough scenario of finding new distribution partners willing to work towards building a healthy market in new territories. Often, they will sign an agreement before properly seeking advice on the premise that they have found an honest new partner that will successfully distribute their beverages across multiple accounts and territories.

A thorough understanding of your legal position and proper due diligence prior to signing distribution agreement will limit your chances at being vulnerable to unpaid invoices and international trademark battles.

Tim Duval, Senior Assosciate at DW Fox Tucker Lawyers, explores the advantages of proper trademark registration and covers his top three legal tips for Australian brand owners:

  1. Getting Paid – Supplying on credit? Retention of Title and Registration on the PPSR;
  2. Trade Marks – Registering your Australian trademarks and taking advantage of the Madrid Protocol;
  3. Distribution Agreements - Poor performance and ending the relationship.

Get practical insight into important legal issues from Tim and be prepared for your next distribution agreement with his presentation Getting Paid and Managing Risk: Top Three Legal Tips:

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