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Jaclyn Beazley

Sales & Marketing Specialist for

Bringing her vast knowledge of the beverage industry to the Tastings team as lead Sales & Marketing Specialist, Jaclyn served 10 years in managing import, distribution and direct to consumer wine retail channels. Credited with safe passage of over 100 containers of wine from the around the world to multiple points in the US, and private label wine development of 20+ brands. Enjoying her passion to help people learn more and gain better access to quality wine, spirits and beer, Jaclyn joined the Tastings team in 2015 to jumpstart digital marketing strategies in social media outreach, affiliate marketing and business brand development. She brings her love of brooding Italian Reds and complex, delicious German Rieslings to every wine party she hosts. When she's not researching what's new in design culture, media, magazines and blogger feeds you can find her at industry events where she will convert any wine taster to a European wine lover.


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Brandy Rand

Brandy has over 15 years marketing and management experience in the beverage alcohol industry.

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