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US Drinks Market: Non Traditional Marketing Strategies


Modern marketing strategies designed to help you gain a competitive edge for your winery, brewery or distillery.

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From social media to cutting edge app and website development, modern adult beverage marketing has evolved. In an attempt to reach a progressively tech savvy audience, marketing departments have committed to creating engaging media through innovative mediums in order to connect with their customers on a personal level by providing them with a comprehensive brand ‘experience.’

The exciting rate at which social platforms and novel apps are being launched also means marketers are consistently adapting to new social landscapes influenced by a wide range of trendsetters. Civilian users, businesses, and technophiles are pressing the boundaries of new communication channels. The growing importance of a technologically oriented and socially aware marketing department is becoming a chief pre-requisite for a successful sales process.

Steve Raye, President of industry leading marketing consulting company Bevology, explores innovative marketing strategies being employed by leading companies and shapes a working model for wine, beer and spirit brands to follow.

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