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Southern & Far North California Wine Trade Associations

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San Diego County Vintner’s Association

San Diego County Vintner’s AssociationWelcome to the San Diego Vintners, Association established in 1989, an organization made up of San Diego Winemakers and Grape Growers as well as Wine Enthusiasts who support San Diego Wineries. Established in 1898, the organization is a non-profit association dedicated to supporting the San Diego viticulture and winemaking community, educating the local wine enthusiast and embracing sustainable agricultural practices in the county.

As the numbers of wineries in San Diego are growing significantly, with over 70 wineries across the county, so is our passion for putting San Diego back on the map as a viable California wine region. San Diego is a county laden with many microclimates that give us the opportunity to grow unique and varied varietals across the region, from Sangiovese and Syrah to Cabernet Franc, Grenache and Viognier. Our generous and complex terroir has been a place for grape growing since the first Spanish friars set foot in San Diego and began the tradition of viticulture in California.

With the recent regrowth of the county’s wine industry, we are just beginning to unlock the full potential. San Diego winemakers are increasingly gaining an understanding of the vast possibilities of the terroir and the varietals that suit it. Stay tuned, grab your glass and Welcome To San Diego Wine Country!



Ramona Valley Vineyard Association

Nestled in the front range of the Pacific coastal mountains of Southern California, the Ramona Valley has a rich history of vineyards and wine making, dating back to the early missions. Hot days and cool nights, influenced by the coastal marine layer and fog, contribute to conditions that produce quality wine grapes in the Ramona Valley. The area is a broad valley that is ringed by hills and mountains that isolate it from the surrounding areas. The valley has an average vineyard elevation of 1400 feet and an annual average rainfall of 16.5 inches.



Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association

Temecula Valley Wine Country invites you to enjoy the irresistible charm of our friendly tasting rooms and savor the hundreds of award-winning wines offered by our 35 member wineries.

The Temecula Valley is located in a veritable paradise which encompasses an area including over 35,000 acres of rolling hills and vineyards. Rural in nature, sustainable in farming practices and including an agricultural preserve known as the Citrus/Vineyard zone, the Temecula Valley is widely recognized as the 'jewel' of Riverside County. We are centrally located and within an hours drive from San Diego, Orange County or the Palm Springs area. Each of our family owned wineries are easily accessible and situated just close enough in proximity to one another to make your wine country tour a breeze.


Whether you're looking for a quick day trip - or planning to stay for a couple of days - there's plenty to see and do here in Temecula Valley Wine Country. Wine tasting, winery tours and an array of winery events are offered daily throughout the region. Along with fabulous wines, you'll find incredible winery restaurants, intimate bed and breakfast inns, lush resorts, splendid gift shops and beautiful picnic grounds. And if you're looking for the perfect location for a wine country wedding, look no further!



Ventura County Winery Association

The Ventura County Winery Association (VCWA) consists of six full-fledged wineries producing stellar wines in a casual, urban setting. All member wineries feature a tasting bar that is open to the public, and most have on-site production facilities. Visitors can sample dozens of wines in a variety of styles, including whites, rosés, reds, and dessert wines. Vineyards sources include off-site vineyards in Ventura County and throughout California's top wine-growing regions. Production size varies among wineries, ranging from less than 1000 cases annually to more than 200,000; most are boutique wineries, producing between 1,500 and 5,000 cases. VCWA is closely aligned with Ventura County's agricultural community, supporting local farmers, artisans, and businesses.



Humboldt Wine Association



Shasta-Cascade Viticulture Association

The Shasta-Cascade Viticulture Association was formed by a number of grape growers in Shasta County. They envisioned an association that could tap into the resources of the University of California Agricultural Extension service, to help educate grape growers and wine making enthusiasts.

Shasta-Cascade Viticulture Association was formed in 2003 as a nonprofit organization 501 C (6) and is a member of the California Association of Wine grape Growers (CAWG). SCVA is the largest grape grower association in California Region 9. The Region sits like a keystone at the crown of the north state. And yes, we are growing!

Since that beginning, the Association has undergone several name changes but remains steadfast to its goal to bring grape industry experts to various symposiums and hands-on workshops each year to discuss trends in wine grape growing, marketing, cultural growing practices, wine making, etc. The Shasta-Cascade Viticulture Association has grown in membership through word of mouth and that comradeship which bring grape growers together, such as the common threats of Spring frost, battling pests and diseases, and finding buyers for their grapes.

A unique character of the grape growers in our Northern California area is who the growers are. By far, the largest number of grape growers are retired or growing grapes after a first career. Many members are retired college professors, school teachers, oral surgeon, building contractors, military, and practicing M.D. and dentists, and a host of other career experiences. In some way, this group is unique in its makeup of ‘gentlemen and gentlewomen farmers’ who have advanced themselves past their first careers and gone back to the soil in pursuit of lifelong dreams of digging in the dirt and making something special grow.

Almost all of the Association grower members’ are small in size by California wine grape standards. A large vineyard in our area is about ten acres. Many members have less than five acres in production. Our geographic area includes members from Oroville to Montague and Fall River to Trinity Center all generally within the shadow of Mount Shasta but within that area are at least 39 established wineries producing award winning wines for consumption by local wine enthusiasts.


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