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How to Pitch the UK's Largest Retailer: Getting Your Beer, Wine and Spirits into Tesco


How should brand owners start developing their sales pitch to Tesco? What are some essential points that are necessary to cover when you meet with Tesco?

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The advantages of getting your brands onto the shelves of Tesco, one of the world’s largest retailers, can be profound. The dramatic increase in brand recognition, the opportunity to win the hearts of a large consumer base and the potential at huge volume and sales increases is just too much to pass-by for beverage companies looking to expand in the UK market.

Understanding what Tesco wants from a new brand and being prepared for your sales meeting is paramount to a successful sales pitch.

So, how do you prepare for your sales meeting? What is it that Tesco really wants to see from you? How do you support your brand after you’ve got a test placement?

Being given the opportunity at just one placement in a test store means the prospect of explosive future growth, so we asked someone who knows what it really means to pitch to Tesco to give us the ins-and-outs of Tesco’s brand checklist.

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