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How to Export Your Craft Beer Brand to the USA


Insights and Strategies for international craft beer labels looking to penetrate the US market.

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From packaging to compliance, prepping your foreign craft beer SKU for distribution in the US is an involved process. In this presentation, David Lipman, founder of Drinks Hub, an Australian export company with a particular focus on developing long term distribution partners in the USA, presents his deliberations on pricing, trends and the three tier system.

Gain a dynamic understanding of doing business in America as David explores the recent surge in craft beer popularity and interprets recent data for on and off premise accounts, trending categories and how to prepare for export. Although the presentation highlights an Australian point-of-view, the presentation gives valuable lessons for brands around the world looking to enter the US.

David Lipman's, "Exporting Your Craft Beer Brand to USA," shows international brand owners the important factors that influence the US system:

  • Australian beer export market;
  • Global beer consumption and export/import market;
  • Craft Beer in the USA;
  • Preparing for export and pricing;
  • Distribution in the 3 Tier System;
  • On Premise and Off Premise trends and data.


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