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Guide to Digital Media For Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

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Social media, 360-degree marketing, mobile apps and online videos are the pillars of successful beverage brand promotion strategy.

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Social media, 360-degree marketing, mobile apps and online videos are the pillars of successful beverage brand promotion strategy.

In order for beverage companies to compete in the evolving technologically based business landscape, it is important for them to understand and utilize the advantages of current digital marketing strategies. Creating interactive media and providing authentic content across multiple platforms can significantly increase your customer reach. In many instances, properly deployed digital campaigns can yield much better results than traditional marketing platforms, and at a fraction of the cost.
In developing successful modern media campaigns, the focus should be concentrated on exploring ways to attract target audiences in an attempt to convert prospects to first time users, first-time users to repeat users, and repeat users to active brand ambassadors.

How can you promote your wine, beer and spirit brands using the latest technology and digital resources?

Here are some brand promotion tactics that should be considered when developing your online marketing campaigns. 

Online Content

Recent trends suggest that people prefer to spend more time in viewing the online video than they do spending time on blogs and reading long posts on social networking sites.

Armed with advanced data collection tools (such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, BufferApp, or Hootsuite), launching personalized and precise marketing campaigns to promote your brand by customizing your content to your customer's unique preferences, behaviors, and psychological profile is now easier than ever before.

As more and more people share their favorite videos and content by utilizing increasingly streamlined plug-ins on their favorite social networks, you can take advantage of their propensity to explore new posts by analyzing the type of content that is frequently shared. Developing content around popular themes can re-enforce positive association with your branding.

If your videos are well like and shared widely (hopefully virally), then you should focus your attention on video production. If your articles are garnering a lot of attention, then make sure you are creating great content.

The more interactive you can be, the easier it is to find an accessible gateway to expand your reach to new consumers.
Posting videos or recaps of your most recent events, ‘celebrity’ promos (not necessarily big name celebrities – think well respected local figures, wine makers, retailers, popular employees and brand reps, etc.), and exciting new company developments can also provide your consumer a closer emotional attachment to your branding.

Smart Phones and Website Optimization

As smartphones have become a multi-tasking, productivity enhancing and entertainment main stay in the everyday life of consumers, you’ll want to incorporate smartphone applicability to your marketing strategy. Developing Apps and ensuring your websites are smartphone compatible is necessary in modern brand sales and marketing.
Including your brand in interactive trade databases, review-based beverage apps, travel apps, and any other trade oriented third party apps and websites can greatly increase your digital footprint.

Reach out to every organization, media house and website and request that you be highlighted on the main landing pages which highlight brands like yours.
Be sure you maximize your potential for sales by getting your product listed on all of your retailer’s websites and that your own sales page on your website is optimized for mobile users. Cookie and GPS enabled retailer or cellar door applications and mobile websites (both propriety and third party) have come a very far way in the last decade and can greatly increase customer’s to seamlessly order your products.

Review based websites and apps can be great brand ambassadors, provided that they are actively monitored for recent reviews and optimized to maximize relevant information about your brand.
Always use mobile advertising which relies on interactive data collection to understand market tendency and deepen your engagement with customers. Whether it is simple content distribution or advanced portals geared towards increasing sales, the extra effort will definitely yield good results.

360-Degree Strategy

We are living in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) age where technology is the lifeblood of all walks of our lives.

Taking advantage of people's inclination to explore emerging technology by being an active presence on new platforms can ensure you are keeping your brand in constant touch with your customers, no matter what medium it is that is in favor. Simply being one of a few brands to provide an interactive experience on new online platforms can give you a big head-start against the competition.

However, banking on "always-on" media experiences shouldn’t be your only marketing play. The wide range of digital media you are employing across multiple platforms should ultimately be supported by traditional marketing campaigns to increase your market penetration.

Take note of your most popular content and what your online community is talking about to develop your offline merchandising and advertisements.

By applying a customer-centric approach to your marketing campaign in which you focus on launching low-cost online campaigns as pilot projects for future offline marketing campaigns can create explosive branding that will hit-home with your target demographic.

Be Conscious of Your Audience

Knowing full-well that adolescent brains are more susceptible to interactive features on social media advertising than traditional forms of advertising, some alcohol beverage companies unlawfully exploit loopholes in state health policy by using innovation in marketing sub-genres (like neuro marketing and surrogate advertisements, for example) to entice adolescents to their brand.

Such tactics can be counterproductive in the long term for your brand, not to mention inherently unethical.

Due to the permeability of social media, ads targeted at an adult audience can unwittingly leach to an adolescent audience, so be sure to take proper care to monitor who your message is reaching and why.

By complying to your local governing state’s health policies, both in letter and spirit, through guarded advertisement, you, as a socially responsible corporate brand, can protect against
If done properly, fitting management and innovative marketing of your dedication to adhering to state policy can even enhance your brand’s credibility in your target customer's psyche!

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