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6 Common Wine Distribution Channels and Strategies



On this page Beverage Trade Network writes about wine distribution strategy and different channels a winery can use to grow its wine distribution.



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Wine Distribution Channels and Strategy

Many wineries and wine brands often wonder how to grow sales. There is a time when you have exhausted all your contacts, your current distributors, and also all your brokers. The question that comes then is “Now what? How can we grow our wine distribution.” If you are looking for Wine Distributors, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

There are a few traditional techniques that you can use to grow your wine distribution and in the current scenario social media is another powerful medium that can be used.

In this article we will talk about some techniques that wineries can implement to grow their wine distribution network.

Trade Shows – Wine trade shows are still an effective way to generate leads. Tips on how to get ready for wine trade shows will help you generate more leads and ensure that your trade show investment yields returns. Wine Trade Shows are a vital marketing tool for your business, giving you exposure in the market and can get your brands in front of the right buyers if you are lucky. You can browse Wine Trade Shows in USA, Wine Trade Shows in Europe, Wine Trade Shows in China and many other countries on BTN.


Competitions and Awards – Many competitions have a follow-up trade event where they invite buyers. Almost 30% of buyers check leading ratings and websites like Decanter, Wine Spectator and other leading magazines for wine trade. Wines that have good ratings and best buy ratings are contacted by importers and distributors.

Private Label Strategy – Wineries can offer clients an option of private label packaging or even approach large retailers if they are interested in developing private label wine brands. Not only does it help you initiate a relationship with a buyer but you may offer your own line of brands to the buyer and see if they would also like to distribute.


Social Media - Wineries can use Social Media to find Wine Importers and Wine Distributors. Read our article for details on how you can search for potential buyers and create social media campaigns to grow your distribution reach.


Your own website – Harness your trade website to create sales for you. Have a clear and separate trade section which shows your current distribution. Have a contact form where you can take potential leads and title it “we are always looking for partners globally” (example). The last thing you want to do is leave money on the table. Distributors who find out about your products will come on your website. Learn more about how to design your website for wine trade.


Cold Calling - Nothing beats the traditional method of cold calling which involves sending an email or making a phone call. If you have the resources or know that you want to target a particular type of distributor, simply pick up the phone and make the call.


Marketing Companies and Brokers – You can compound your sales efforts through sales & marketing companies and brokers. Platforms like Beverage Trade Network offer a range of solutions that can help wineries grow their distribution network. The BTN Wine Importers Buyers guide is a channel that wineries can use to reach distributors directly. The wine brokers directory is a resource that can be used by wineries to select and contact brokers to help them grow their wine distribution.

The points mentioned above are standard techniques that wineries can use to grow their wine distribution channels. Once you have a solid distribution network, the next step is a mass market advertising campaign through which you can create an increased demand for your brands and focus on increasing sales in the distribution network that you have built.


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