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PRUSA Brings Wiser's Whisky to U.S.

13/12/2013 | Just recently,, J.P Wiser’s Rye, J.P Wiser’s Spiced, J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe and J.P. Wiser’s 18 Year Old arrived at retail and on-premise outlets throughout the country.


Pepsi to Replace Coke at Buffalo Wild Wings

12/12/2013 | In an unusual deal that goes far beyond the soda wars, PepsiCo is to announce on Thursday that it is unseating Coca-Cola at the restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings.


Coke Expanding Hybrid-Electric Fleet

12/12/2013 | Coca-Cola Co. says it is converting more of its company vehicles to hybrid-electric technology to increase fuel efficiency and reduce polluting carbon emissions


SKYY Launches New Infusions

11/12/2013 | Expanding its line of infused vodkas made with natural ingredients, SKYY Vodka introduces two new flavors: SKYY Infusions Vanilla Bean Vodka and SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach Vodka.