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BTN Movements

24/03/2020 | Stay updated with BTN’s movements across the Beverage Industry


BTN Launches Online Courses: 2020

24/03/2020 | Beverage Trade Network announces new subscription based online courses for beverage industry professionals. First course to be available from 10 April 2020.


Covid-19 : Precautionary Advice

18/03/2020 | Here are a few precautionary measures that need to be taken during the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to ensure overall health and safety.


Should I or Should I not attend event during the Covid-19 outbreak?

13/03/2020 | With the Covid-19 outbreak, attending events in a public gathering is still a skeptical issue. However, businesses and events are not on complete hold as yet. Here are 5 ways which you can use to get ready before attending an event with Covid-19 in the air.