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Right now, with the Covid-19 outbreak, and social distancing taking place for one’s safety, a lot seems to be tilting away from us. Restaurants are closing down, bars are closing down, and lawmakers are enforcing lockdowns. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t sit at home and enjoy a glass of wine while listening to a podcast and reading a good blog.

However, due to the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and for the safety of our shareholders, exhibitors, speakers, judges, staff and everyone else in our team - we’ve decided to postpone our trade shows and competitions to a time which is safer, accepted, and easy to attend by everyone. 

Our executive team has spoken to our venue hosts, and others involved in the organization of our events - and together we’ve carefully outlined new dates for our events:

Trade Shows

USA Trade Tasting, New York - May 25-26, 2021

IBWSS, San Francisco - October 28-29, 2020

IBWSS, Shanghai - November, 2021

Cannabis Drinks Expo, San Francisco - October 30, 2020

Cannabis Drinks Expo, Chicago - November 3, 2020

Cannabis Food Show, San Francisco - October 31, 2020

Cannabis Food Show, Chicago - November 4, 2020



Paris Wine Cup - June 29, 2020

London Spirits Competition - July 6, 2020

London Wine Competition - July 7, 2020

London Beer Competition - July 8, 2020

Sommeliers Choice Awards - August 12, 2020

Bartenders Spirits Awards - August 13, 2020

USA Spirits Ratings - October 23, 2020

USA Wine Ratings - October 24, 2020

USA Beer Ratings - October 25, 2020

While our events are awaiting to take place, our team at Beverage Trade Network will continue to bring you news, knowledge, education, and entertainment about the alco-bev industry from all our platforms. Our team is currently working from home, where our core team is working on creating all sorts of content for both industry professionals, and consumers from across the globe. 

We are also keeping a close track on how the pandemic is affecting the alcohol beverage and cannabis industry. 

You can track beverage industry Covid-19 updates here

Covid-19 altering the wine industry, Sommelier’s Choice Awards

Covid-19’s impact on the spirits industry, Bartender’s Spirits Awards

Wine industry during lockdown, IBWSS

Covid-19: Updates from France, Paris Wine Cup

Covid-19: Updates from the Cannabis industry

You can also track our company’s movements here for updated dates, podcasts, webinars and more:

 Beverage Trade Network's movements during the pandemic

You can also get weekly updates on the alcohol beverage industry through BTN’s weekly news podcast

Beverage Trade Network also has two other podcasts which both aid in growing your business through the simplest of tactics. These podcasts both have industry leaders who share their tips and tricks on how to handle the alco-bev and cannabis industries.

The Wine Whiskey Weed Show

Grow Your Beverage Brand

Along with that, we are creating an extensive amount of content that is going to aid industry professionals during this time. All our websites are updated with educational blogs related to what brands, wineries, distilleries, and other industry professionals can do right now.

To give more, BTN has also launched online courses. The major reason BTN is launching the online courses is so that you are ready for the times ahead, and also know what you can do right now when it comes to business. Times are tough right now, but this too shall pass, and when it passes, the industry will be ready to skyrocket once again - so we want to help you get ready for that too.

The first two sessions of the online course will be available for buying and viewing on April 10, 2020. 

Find out more about BTN online courses here

BTN is also launching the London Drinks Guide on May 1, 2020. 

The London Drinks Guide is your ideal space to look for wines, beers, spirits and cocktails recommended by noted bartenders and sommeliers from around the world. They will share their latest cocktails and recipes and talk about the ins and outs of what makes their bars pop. 

The online magazine is set to become the best guide for Londoners, and anyone visiting London as they connect with the top bartenders and sommeliers, owners of bars, restaurants, and pubs around London, and across Europe as well.

With the help of the London Drinks Guide, you can go from “I have no idea what wine to buy while staring at the discount section at your local supermarket” to “Hey guys, have you tried this Manto Negre from Mallorca” or “I know this amazing hidden bar that we have to go to”. 

Not only will you find what you’re looking for in the drinks industry, but you will also get to learn about wines, beers, spirits, and the industry as a whole from industry experts. 

So even though the world might seem upside down right now, Beverage Trade Network, and our entire team is pushing for a positive end towards this - and we’re sat, hoping this blows over soon. In the meantime, we’re following the ‘content is king’ rule, and creating tons for you to get your hands on during this social distancing period. 

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