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BTN Launches Online Courses: 2020



March 24,2020—New York, USA

Beverage Trade Network is all set to launch its online courses, that will be available to all beverage industry professionals across the globe. With the Covid-19 outbreak, our hands are pretty much tied when it comes to business. Social distancing is taking place rapidly, and the safety of us, and those around us is the most important thing as of now.

The major reason BTN is launching the online courses is so that you are ready for the times ahead, and also know what you can do right now when it comes to business. Times are tough right now, but this too shall pass, and when it passes, the industry will be ready to skyrocket once again - so we want to help you get ready for that too.

BTN Courses will provide real-time and actionable insights to all trade owners. These webinar-based courses need to be pre-registered by all of you. Also, to mention that the course is unique from others, noting that all of you will eventually get to apply what you’ve learned. 

Webinar I: The first session of the online course will be available for buying and viewing on April 10, 2020. 

BTN Online Courses Wineries & Distilleries

COVID 19: What Wineries and Distilleries Can Do In Next 60 Days, hosted by Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network, a leading USA based drinks media platform which organizers more than 16 events around the world and owns media assets and platforms will be giving a detailed action plan webinar on how wineries and distilleries can ride this wave. The webinar will also be based on the recent survey that Beverage Trade Network is doing globally.

Sid will be listing out ways how we wineries and distilleries can face it and come on the winning side once Covid-19 subsides. In the webinar, you will get 15 takeaways you can start working on today to navigate this time. You will also be shown the current risks, so you can prepare your winery for that.

Please use this link to pre-register

Webinar Date and Time: 1 pm EST, 10 April

Webinar II:  The second webinar will be on China Wine Sales: How to get importer, distributors and retailers to end consumers. This webinar based course will help you to adjust your sales process for the next 60 days. 

BTN Online Course 2 China Wine Sales

Hosted by Ankita Okate, who has a rich experience of working in the Chinese Wine Market. She has worked deeply and intriguingly in Wine Sales of China. Her curious nature has always given her an edge in optimizing the wine sales process. Being in constant touch with the trends, patterns, ups, and downs of the industry, she could list ways to get importers to reach the end consumers. 

Please use this link to pre-register

Webinar Date and Time: 1 pm EST, 10 April

Prices For BTN Online Courses

$50 - One session

$200 - Quarterly (includes 5 sessions)

All courses are carefully formulated by the leaders at Beverage Trade Network, who have been with the company, and are a core part of where BTN stands right now. Right now, our main focus is to help you find a path to grow your business while you’re sitting at home. Life needs to go on, and work needs to happen - so the BTN online courses are going to help you do exactly that.

Register your interest in the BTN Online Course I and Course II

With the BTN’s online courses you will be able to learn about different aspects, including sales, digital marketing and growing your brand overall. Whether you’re a wine brand looking for the more on-premise presence or looking to get into the Chinese wine market, BTN online courses will have it all.

All sessions will be available online and for download once they are live. Let’s use this time to stand by the saying ‘you learn something new every day’, and learn a little bit more for our businesses.

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