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Working With Wine and Spirit Distributors to Grow Your Brand

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Understanding the needs of your distribution partners is the first step to developing a successful relationship.



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Finding the right distributor for your brand and managing the relationship in order to ensure a successful test market means catering your company’s strengths to the distribution business.

Having a succinct, unique brand proposition that differentiates you from the competition is a good start, but understanding how your partner does business and how to service their needs is the key to success.

Learn from Steve Raye, CEO of Bevology, as he outlines what U.S. distributors are looking for from new brands and how to work with them to successfully expand distribution.

His presentation How to Grow Your Wine and Spirit Brand in the US With or In-Spite of Your Distributor will give you valuable information on how you can:

  • Focus your commitment to business aspects that you know distributors value;
  • Develop simple brand propositions that work;
  • Use Money, Margin, Manpower, Marketing, and Media to develop a successful distribution model;
  • Develop efficient packaging beyond the bottle and label;
  • Understand what points of difference truly make a difference;
  • And how to service your account to guarantee e a long last partnership.


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