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Shanghai brings Asia’s Largest Conference of Wine Industry, with International Professionals from Around The World!



International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show Enters Shanghai, China and while giving a massive platform for buyers and sellers to network and crack deals, the 2-Day event also awards its attendees with one of the largest conferences of the world with wine industry professional speakers from all over the world working for or owning major wine brands will be presenting at the IBWSS Conference on the 5th and 6th November 2019! Find the schedule link here.

Star speakers presenting at the conference of the unique tasting event:

  1. Ian Anderson Ford | Founding Partner, Nimbility

Nimbility built its base in Hong Kong in early 2018 involving 3 partners with 45+ years of experience in establishing markets and brands of beverages globally. Ian’s expertise on the subject comes from working with and leading highly dedicated and knowledgeable teams. His presentation will prove to be a true master class on the subject that he speaks.

  1. Rodrigo Jackson |Managing Director VCT China, Concha y Toro

You may have seen the magnificent looking bottles of Concha y Toro. Rodrigo Jackson is the man who is behind the scenes of the Business Strategy, International Business, Export, Marketing and International Trade behind those beautiful exotic bottles!

  1. Thorsten Beer |Managing Director Greater China, Hillebrand

Thorsten Beer serves in Hongkou District, Shanghai as the Managing Director of Greater China t JF Hillebrand. His excellence has also made him the Chief Financial Offer with JF Hillebrand. His unique set of skills makes him the best speaker to guide you about bulk wine logistics.


  1. Cassidy Dart, MW – South Africa |Global Wine Consultant, Company Fine Wine

Long affiliated with IBWSS, Cassidy Dart, MW is one of our most demanded speakers who has a well of knowledge and will provide a Masterclass MW. His working knowledge from 2002 has brought his current Beijing clients like British Airways, Mullineux and Leeu Wines (South Africa) and Company Fine Wine (Napa) an ocean of true business value!

  1. Juan Antonio MompoGimeno – Argentina |Asia Promotion Manager, Wines of Argentina (WOFA)

“I am the fifth generation of wine producers in Spain,I have been working in the wine industry in china for 13 years, I can speak 6 languages including Chinese, and I am also WSET level 3.” Juan will be enlightening attendees on “How to build partnerships in China?”

  1. Simone George – Adelaide Australia |Global Wine & Grape Broker, Ciatti

She has brought 13 years of experience at Ciatti, a globally known brokerage business firm in wine, grape, concentrate and grape spirit since 1971. She will make her presence worthy by providing you with a “Bulk Wine Global Market Overview and Opportunities”. Her longstanding commitment with The Ciatti Company has made her understand markets of various countries around the world which make her the most ideal person to speak on the subject.

  1. AlexandreSouzy |Asia-Pacific Export Manager, MaisonJohanèsBoubée - Carrefour Group


  1. Claudia Masueger |Founder & CEO, CHEERS Wines

“Passion, Hard work and discipline are the keys to SUCCESS.” -Claudia Masueger

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CHEERS Wines, a new wine generation which makes
wine drinking fun and affordable, Claudia is an entrepreneur and franchisor who started CHEERS Wines in 2011. Her idea to provide a quality wine that was affordable so that everyone could enjoy at least a good glass of wine without thinking twice has made her brand a strong name in Beijing. After achieving her milestone of building a strong name she aims at building up 888 stores in China and aims to constantly keep CHEERS Wine on top of the market.

When she first arrived in Beijing in 2008 she started working with Wine and today has her own well-established brand which makes her the perfect speaker to speak about “Merchandising and Growing Your Retail (OEM) Wine Labels”.

  1. Theo Watt |Founder, Thirsty Work Productions – DRiNK Magazine

Currently situated at Changning District, Shanghai, China, Theo Watt is bringing the global world of beverages a little closer through great drinks. His DRiNK Magazine hosts some of the most insightful content of the world and is always keeping you up to speed with the wine world.

  1. Hexu WANG, Wine Lecturer, Changyu Pioneer International Limited

From Yantai City, Shandong, Hexu WANG is a Wine Lecturer who has acquired his knowledge from some of the top Wine universities in the world. His unique skill set makes him the most ideal speaker to provide a Winemaker Masterclass for interested attendees.

  1. Sarah Zhang |Lifestyle Show Producer/Host, House Films

Being the producer and host of Lifestyle Shows and KOL (lifestyle) in China makes Sarah Zhang an expert in video & social media marketing in Shanghai city. Her show is the No. 1 wine educational show in China- “Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家” which will be hosting its 6th season this year. Some of her other popular shows are "Dining with David and Sarah/与David 和Sarah进餐", "About Wine关于葡萄酒", "Perfect Pairing完美搭配", "Fast and Tasty 美食小课堂", "Sarah's English Challenge/ Sarah的英语挑战", "At the Movies with Sarah/Sarah 的电影世界", "Quest China 大挑战" & "Quest USA 大挑战", etc.

  1. MatteoCecchetto – Worked in Italy, Maldives, US, UAE and now in Asia |Fine Wine Brand Manager, Summergate

His 15 years of experience in the wine trading business from production, marketing, logistics and sales including start-up, real estate trading and business development. He also has an AIS Sommelier Diploma and Tourism Technician Diploma, Business Development Oriented with hospitality and wine education background which makes him the perfect educator and consultant not just in his industry but also for the attendees of this grand conference.

  1. Lynne Xu |National e-Marketing Manager, Bacardi

Lynne has worked with top FMCG companies like Unilever, DANONE, Coca-Cola. She is currently the online marketing lead for Bacardi China, which is what she will be speaking on, i.e. “Building Your Brand Via E-Commerce in China”.

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