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Amber Beverage Group Launches Cosmopolitan Diva In The US



ABG decided to collaborate with the importer to accelerate the growth of Cosmopolitan Diva in the US – a key market for sparkling wine.

“With sparkling wines being ahead of the overall market, we are optimistic about the further development of Cosmopolitan Diva in the US,” said Evija Sparāne, global brand director of Cosmopolitan Diva.

“This market is one of our top priorities and together with Noah Cohen and Frank Bachurski from Premier Innovations Group, we are confident of securing the brand as one of the top sparkling wines in the market,” Sparāne added.

Noah Cohen, CEO of Premier Innovations Group said of the collaboration: “We are honoured to have forged this partnership with the prestigious Amber Beverage Group and are extremely optimistic about our designation as the exclusive US importer of the Cosmopolitan Diva brand.”

Cosmopolitan Diva is a gold-filtered sparkling wine inspired by fusion drinks that blend the boundaries between traditional sparkling drinks. Founded by Amber Beverage Group in 2014, since its inception a range of six flavours has been developed, including a non-alcoholic version.

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