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$10 Wine From Australia Wins Prestigious ‘Wine Of The Year’ At The 2018 London Wine Competition



Arcadian Shiraz from Idyll Wine Co. beat hundreds of competitors from around the world to win ‘Wine Of The Year’ at the London Wine Competition. It also won ‘Best Wine Of The Year’, ‘Best In Show From Australia’ and a Gold Medal in London on April 2nd, 2018.

Sixteen wines from around the world – including five from Australia and four from Italy – were also awarded the prestigious Gold medal and another 137 wines were awarded Silver medals. Idyll Wine Co.’s Arcadian Shiraz received the top score and was the break out star of the event.

The London Wine Competition is known as ‘The Worlds Most Relevant Wine Competition’ and sets a new benchmark for awarding winning wines by assessing them for drinkability, their packaging presentation and the value they represent to trade and consumers.

According to CEO Sid Patel of event organizer Beverage Trade Network, “We want to reward those brands and products that consumers actually want to buy, rather than simply recognize good quality wines for their winemaking ability alone”.

“People buy wines with their eyes first, and that puts a real premium on wines that are able to offer an attractive presentation, everything from the label to the brand perception.”

Arcadian Shiraz is made in Geelong by winemaker Toby Wanklyn, using grapes sourced from the Murray Darling region of Northern Victoria. It has a dry to medium-bodied characteristic with a black cherry and plum bouquet and a blend of American and French Oak.

Andrew Byers, Idyll Wine Co.’s Executive Director said, “We’re delighted to see Arcadian Shiraz – a wine that sells for $10 - take out the top prize in London! It’s a top quality, yet an uncomplicated red wine that is easy to drink and partners well with most occasions. It’s a true reflection of its varietal character”.

The Idyll Wine Co. is located in the picturesque Moorabool Valley, 15 minutes west of Geelong, Victoria. Its state of the art winemaking and bottling facility draws premium fruit from throughout South Eastern Australia, with crushing, winemaking and bottling on-site for both domestic and export markets.

In 2017, Idyll Wine Co. produced 18,699,227 bottles of wine and has plans for further development to increase its capacity.

Whilst Arcadian Shiraz is an export only label, the same wine is sold under the Idyll Wine Co. brand in Australia.

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