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Wisconsin Bar Says They\'re The First To Vape Alcohol



A local bar in Milwaukee says it's the first establishment in Wisconsin to serve alcohol in a different way: by having customers inhaling it directly into their lungs.

Werd Bar 111 E. Howard Ave. is situated in a house-like structure in a southside neighborhood due east of Saint Francis. Werd Bar may have more than 100 different beers on tap, a variety of bottles and beer flights. But this week's addition is truly different.

The bar set up an Alcohol Mist machine and is selling balloons full of atomized alcohol-infused mist for $8 a balloon.


"Come be the first to experience the newest way to take a shot! Alcohol Mist is a shot that is Vaporized into a balloon for you to inhale! Each balloon is equivalent to 2 and a half shots! Don't worry about the calories because you're not digesting the shot... you're inhaling it! The first bar in Wisconsin to offer this NEWEST sensation," Werd Bar owner Drew Kent posted on Facebook this week.

According to the documentation provided by Vapeshot, the manufacturer of the Alcohol Mist machine, a single 750ml bottle of alcohol is capable of producing up to 1,500 Alcohol Mist shots. The machine fills serving balloons with a fine mist that contains micro-droplets of liquid alcohol.

The manufacturer says their Alcohol Mist machine can give its users "an instant buzz that some describe as uniquely distinct from your everyday drinking experience."

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Image Source: Werd Bar

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