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Could synthetic alcohol replace booze?

24/09/2016 | A synthetic alcohol that reduces the risk of a hangover could replace fermented and distilled alcohol by 2050, according to its inventor Professor David Nutt – the UK’s former chief drugs officer.


NSW dominant as ICC Sydney launches wine collection

23/09/2016 | The gateway to Australia, cosmopolitan Sydney is one of the world's most vibrant, innovative and beautiful destinations. Australia’s International Convention Centre Sydney has launched a wine collection featuring 93 varieties, 80 percent of which are from New South Wales wine producers.


Tesco strengthens own label wine range

22/09/2016 | Tesco has boosted its own label range with the introduction of more than 20 new lines under its core and premium finest* wine range – which it says has seen “significant” growth over the summer.


Fine wine app wins top prize at app camp

21/09/2016 | The winning Saturnalia app allows users to scan a bottle of wine and displays the best year for that particular wine based on Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and meteorological data providing soil, atmosphere and weather information The app also recommends wines cultivated in similar conditions.