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Chinese winemaker buys Australian vines

26/09/2016 | One of China’s largest winemakers, Weilong Grape Wine Company, has spent $13.4m buying Australian vineyards and plans further investment in Australian wine.


Blue Shepherd Vodka Enters the Premium Spirits Market

24/09/2016 | A US Marine and the CEO of Ohio-based marketing firm, the BOFFO Beverage Group, launches Blue Shepherd Ultra Premium Vodka and donates $1.00 from the sale of each bottle to our law enforcement community.


Trend for sparkling Albariño on the rise

24/09/2016 | The trend for sparkling Albariño is on the rise as winemakers in Rías Baixas in northwest Spain seek to capitalise on the global popularity of sparkling wine.


Could synthetic alcohol replace booze?

24/09/2016 | A synthetic alcohol that reduces the risk of a hangover could replace fermented and distilled alcohol by 2050, according to its inventor Professor David Nutt – the UK’s former chief drugs officer.


NSW dominant as ICC Sydney launches wine collection

23/09/2016 | The gateway to Australia, cosmopolitan Sydney is one of the world's most vibrant, innovative and beautiful destinations. Australia’s International Convention Centre Sydney has launched a wine collection featuring 93 varieties, 80 percent of which are from New South Wales wine producers.