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Tips For Retailers To Effectively Merchandise - Jeffrey Cody: IBWSS SF - Episode#06



What happens on the sales floor? Floor operations at the retail level are often overlooked. Floor execution is just as important as setting up the pieces to create the brand. In this session, you will learn about 1. How mainstream wine retail pricing can impact your private label sales. 2. How to set up promo retail pricing. 3. People who are working on the floor.

Bonus: Insight onto how Amazon and WFM plan to build its private label customers.

***About Jeffrey P Cody***

Has worked for Whole Foods Market since 2009 and in the alcohol industry since 2010 when first becoming a beer buyer for their Middletown, NJ store where he grew the sub-teams sales by 30%. Since 2014 he has been the Team Leader and New World Wine Buyer for Whole Foods in Manhattan.

Over the years, Jeff has been successful in building categories within the beer, wine and spirits categories. He has used the tools such as Nielsen data, being aware of his competition, and most importantly, listening to his consumers wants. This success gave him the ability to lead Whole Foods Markets largest wine store in the company which represents over 2% of the total wine sales for the company. As for private label wine, Jeff sells around 20,000 cases per year.

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