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Farmhouse Brings Sustainably-Farmed Blends to the National Market



Fred and Nancy Cline, owners and founders of Cline Family Cellars in Sonoma have launched Farmhouse, a new line of beyond sustainable red and white wine blends. The 2016 Farmhouse Red (SRP $12.99) and 2017 Farmhouse White (SRP $12.99) will be available soon throughout the nation. For more information, visit

“It’s easy to feel good drinking Farmhouse wines,” says Fred Cline. “We wanted to create a wine that people could easily open and share with friends and family know that the winery is committed to sustainability, quality, and affordability. We’re very proud to bring a sustainable wine to the market at this price point.”

The farmhouse is named in honor of the schoolhouse at the Cline Family’s Green String Farm in Petaluma, California, where students from around the globe come to learn the Green String method of sustainable farming. Directed by Bobby Cannard, for decades considered one of the leaders of the Northern California sustainable farming movement and longtime farmer for Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse restaurant, the Green String method advocates the long-term health and well-being of the planet. Green String farming practices forgo the use of herbicides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals, relying instead on the use of friendly insects to control pests. Over 1500 sheep and 500 goats are used to remove harmful weeds from the vineyards and compost tea is used to stimulate the biology of the soil. “For years we’ve been teaching at the Green String farm that happy plants make happy people, and this mentality carries through in each bottle of Farmhouse wine,” says Bobby Cannard.

About Cline Family Cellars

Established in 1982, Cline Family Cellars is a Sonoma, California based winery that produces award-winning Rhône-style wines and Zinfandels, as well as classic Sonoma County varietals including estate grown Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Merlot. With diverse viticulture holdings in areas such as Carneros-Sonoma.

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