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Cameron Diaz & Katherine Power Launch Vegan Wine Brand



According to the greenqueen

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz and Clique Brands founder Katherine Power has just launched a new vegan wine company. Called Avaline, the brand offers plant-based and cruelty-free wines made with organic and clean ingredients, and is completely free from isinglass or eggs, which are commonly used in the winemaking process. 


For now, Avaline stocks two wines – a “dry and crisp” white wine and a rosé that features “notes of melon and zest” – both retailing at US$24 per bottle. They are made using organic grapes grown without any synthetic pesticides, which are certified by the Competent Body of Catalonia and Bureau Veritas Certification, and contain no artificial ingredients, added sugars, colours or concentrates. 

“We believe that starting with organically farmed grapes is the most important step in making delicious clean wine,” writes Diaz and Power on their brand website. “We think of Avaline as simply organic grapes, fermented to perfection.”

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