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Pratt Standard Cocktail Company to Release New Old Fashioned Syrup



WASHINGTON, D.C. — Pratt Standard Cocktail Co. is excited to launch its Old Fashioned syrup on Thursday, Oct. 29. Handmade with real demerara sugar, this 8-ounce product boasts a silky texture and smooth mouthfeel, with bright hints of orange and lemon peel. The finish offers a delicate spiciness and bitterness that creates balance with any whiskey.

“We tested 64 different recipe iterations for this syrup to take the hard work out of making a perfect Old Fashioned cocktail for our customers,” said founder, Tory Pratt. “The botanicals and bittering agents are built into this mix, so that you don’t have to add bitters or citrus peel to make a proper Old Fashioned at home.”

Perfect for the holidays, home bartenders can create an easy, craft Old Fashioned cocktail by simply mixing ice, two ounces of their favorite whiskey, and o.75 ounces of the Old Fashioned syrup. To mix up to 12 batched cocktails, the ratio of the 8-ounce bottle pairs perfectly with a 750mL bottle of whiskey. Just pour over ice and enjoy all week!

Pratt’s Old Fashioned syrup is the latest addition to Tory’s innovative line of pre-Prohibition-inspired syrup products. Founded in 2014, each of Pratt’s hand-crafted syrup is carefully developed to bring people together by making high-quality cocktails easy, while also elevating the at-home drinking experience.

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