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Macallan to launch limited edition Genesis whisky



Genesis Limited Edition celebrates the new £140m Macallan distillery and visitor center, which opened on 2 June.

The bottling tells the story of lead architect Graham Stirk’s vision for the site and “reflects each painstaking step in The Macallan whiskey-making process”.

The whisky is said to have notes of dried fruits, oak, fresh apple and chocolate on the nose. On the palate are flavours of dried fruits, cinnamon and ginger spices leading to a “clean and warming” finish.

It is presented alongside a signed lithographic print created by one of only two remaining map printing presses in the UK.


Ken Grier, creative director for The Macallan, said: “The collaboration between The Macallan and Graham Stirk of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners was the beginning of something truly remarkable; a partnership based on a shared commitment to mastery, delivering an iconic distillery and this unique, limited edition bottling.

“The innovative design of the distillery pays tribute to the natural elements that contribute to the production of The Macallan. From the barley fields and the oak trees to the importance of fresh spring water in the distillation process, it is designed to celebrate the entire whisky making cycle.

“Just as the beautiful signed print showcases the secrets of this architectural marvel, the Genesis Limited Edition whisky reflects the intricate workings of The Macallan whisky making process.”

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Image Source: The Spirits Business

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