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Copper & Kings launches double-aged American brandy



Way Up West is a limited edition release and spent 30 months in each type of barrel.

It was made from a blend of “classic” brandy grapes: Muscat, Chenin Blanc, and French Colombard.

Bottled at 54% abv, without chill-filtration or added caramel colouring, Way Up West has been priced at RRP US$65 per 750ml.

Joe Heron, Copper & Kings founder, said: “This is a damn fine glass of liquid gold. The lushness of the Pacific north-west meets the swagger of Kentucky and crashes quite forcefully into the dimension of exceptional American single malt whiskey.

“Another adventure and another illustration that you can’t fence Copper & Kings in. This is really very special American brandy – a thoughtful expression of fruit distillate, a departure, an adventure and well worth the trip and back.”

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Image Source: The Spirits Business

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