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Sirens Project Barista launches four coffee beers



The guys at Siren Craft Brew have clearly got a whole latte love, launching four beers that show off the beloved coffee been, all part of its Project Barista initiative.

The four new beers, Turkish, Crema, Americano and CapHeine are being released across the UK this Saturday, available on draft at just six sites across the country: Salthorse (Edinburgh), Smithfield Tavern (Manchester), Small Bar (Bristol), Furnace Inn (Derby), Tipsy Pig (Romsey) and Beer Gonzo (Coventry) – and online in bottles at Honest Brew.

Turkish comes in at a boozy 10% abv, and is inspired by the country’s robust coffee. Forty-five kilograms of Thai coffee beans are roasted by Reading’s Tamp Culture coffee, and are added at three different intervals of the brew. The brew also includes the addition of vanilla and orange zest in the spinbot, orange zest and nutmeg in the whirlpool and a mammoth 420kg of figs. Phew. The resulting liquid is described as having lovely smooth spicy notes, a nice citrus sweetness and a sound body.

Next up, Americano (also punchy at 9.1% abv) is a coffee double IPA which uses a debut method designed to preserve the coffee’s berry notes. Americano is packed full of Citra, Columbus, Cascade, Chinook hops, and Mosaic Cryo Powder, to the tune of 21 grams per litre.

Coming in at a lower 4.9% abv, Crema is a German whiskey barrel-aged coffee white stout. Siren steeped Tamp Culture coffee in a fermenter at both 21°C and 0°C to accentuate the low notes of the coffee, whiskey, wood, vanilla. Twenty-five kilograms of German whiskey-aged coffee and vanilla and cocoa nibs where then added.

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