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Double Mountain releases Hazy



According to the new school beer

Double Mountain Brewery is bringing back their seasonal Clusterf#k and making it hazy for these cloudy times we live in. Hazy Clusterf#k IPA is available now on-draft and in bottles at both Portland and Hood River taprooms and will be available in distribution throughout the northwest.

Strange days call for clarity, or perhaps a lack of clarity. For our next seasonal beer we decided to brew a style that defies good judgement
and good reasoning, thus its a clusterf#k or more specifically a Hazy Clusterf#k. In these unsteady times, it seems fitting to bring back
our Clusterf#ck IPA beer for the occasion. This year seems particularly clustered, so we made it a hazy. Clusters are used through-out the
brew. What a wonderful hop. Tradition. And then we pivot.

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