ViQua: Premium Spritzer Looking For Distributors and Importers Globally

viQua = vino + aqua

Introducing viQua ñ a premium spritzer made with the perfect fusion of wine and water. The result? A wine spritzer with a uniquely crisp taste that will tickle your senses and redefine the way you drink wine.

Harmony in Perfection

Nestled amidst the lush and enchanting landscape of the village of Schozach lie the extraordinary birthplace of viQua. The winery Graf von Bentzel-Sturmfeder is located between the bakehouse and the village square, topped by a small clock tower, a so-called ridge turret, above the wine press.

In another part of the world, amongst the scenic wonder of the Catalan Pyrenees, you will find a place where subterranean rock formations, valuable minerals and trace elements all combine perfectly to create a spring water so pure and refreshing that makes it the perfect complement for viQua’s wine.

viQua is the product of the harmonious interaction between the finest of wine and the purest of mountain spring water, making it truly a match made in heaven. The result is a refreshingly light and well-balanced drink with a uniquely distinctive taste that you can experience and appreciate directly from the bottle, with a straw or a wine glass.

Why Choose viQua?

Made up of 51% finest wine and 49% pure spring water, it is the perfect ratio that allows the wine to fully develop its aroma, whilst creating a drink that is only 92 calories per bottle, guaranteeing you a light and fresh drinking experience and making viQua the perfect drink for you.

Only bottled wine spritzer in the market that comes in a 275mL bottle - Perfect for the individual drinker


viQua Pink (Rosé)

With a delicious hint of cherry and raspberry, viQua Pink is created with the Tempranillo wine grape, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer a light and fruity drink.

Volume: 275mL
Alcohol by volume: 5.9%

viQua White (Weifl)

viQua White has the distinctive taste of Savignon Blanc that provides a delightful tangy sensation with a subtle hint of lemon and peach.

Volume: 275mL
Alcohol by volume: 5.9%

viQua is the first ever premium wine-based drink that is meant to be sold and distributed like beer and cider. It contains no sugar, additives, preservatives, colorants and flavoring.

viQua is a completely natural product that is both refreshing and delicious. The brand is all set for global expansions. Importers and Distributors, please use the below form to find more information