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Our Mission is to help Beverage Professionals across the globe to connect with peers and understand the business landscape that will lead to long term growth.
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B2B Platforms

Amazing & High-quality video sharing on desktop, mobile, tablet or more

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Gorgeous, high-quality video sharing on desktop, mobile, tablet or more

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BTN Competitions

Competitions are designed to bring international exposure of big traders and buyers to the awarded beverage brands. 

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Media Assets

Stay Tuned to global beverage news, reviews, trends, insights, interviews etc here

BTN B2B Platforms

Connect with importers and distributors, learn & grow your business

The Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis industry's leading networks helping importers and distributors search for suppliers from all over the world.


Showcase Your Products Infront of the Right Buyers

Beverage Trade Network organizes annual wine, beer and spirits trade shows, for suppliers all around the globe to connect with potential buyers. It is a perfect international platform for suppliers or exhibitors who are looking to grow their distribution.


Get Rated Accordingly to Your Product Profile and Generate Buzz

Beverage Trade Network exclusively created various competitions dedicated to helping drinks producers and brand owners get closer to the buyers, distributors and retailers that can bring their products to market.

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Learn, Connect & Amplify Your Audience

Beverage Trade Network also owns media assets for global reach and capturing current trends and news in alcohol industry, which include e-Magazines, Youtube Channels and Soundcloud Podcasts


16000+ Members

300+ Articles

3 Major International Fairs

5000+ Brand Profiles Posted

100+ Active Buying Requirements

25000 Social Media Followers

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Join Donna as she discusses important topics every business owner should consider and understand when working in the alcohol beverage industry.
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