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The ongoing legalization of cannabis, coupled with growing interest in the recreational and functional properties of infused edibles, has almost every food and beverage company dashing to the drawing board to create new products that fill a growing niche. And this is Beverage Trade Network's move to gather the cannabis & food industries with the Cannabis Food Show.

Cannabis Food Show will kick off the world’s first trade show and conference focused on the business of edibles which is the biggest and the most important cannabis category. Two one-days shows are scheduled to take place in

(1) The heart of California —Sans Francisco on July 31st 2020

(2) The food capital of USA —Chicago on August 4th 2020 For more information on how you can participate as an exhibitor or an attendee, visit

***About the Organisers: Beverage Trade Network***

Beverage Trade Network is one of the world's leading networks for beverage, wine, spirits and beer importers, distributors, producers and related companies. Our database and directory listing of the world's leading beer, wine, spirit and non-alcoholic drink producers provides our importers and distributors an advantage to source and innovate their portfolios. Know more about BTN:

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