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Vital Winery Launches Effort to Keep Vineyard Workers Home & Safe



According to the Wine Industry Advisor , Vital Winery launched an effort to help keep vineyard workers safe during this COVID-19 era. “A Day at Home” raises money to keep vineyard workers home if someone that they’ve come into contact with contracts COVID-19, or if they are at high risk of developing the virus. It buys time to save lives.

“In order to stay at home and get paid by the U.S., you have to have a doctor’s note in hand, which is not immediately available for a lot of people who are at risk of contracting the virus,” said Ashley Trout, Founder & Winemaker of Vital Winery. “A day of unpaid work for many of these crew members is simply not an option, so this fund helps buy time for the whole crew to get tested and stay safe.”

Read more at source: Wine Industry Advisor 

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