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Jackson Estate opens state-of-the-art Pinot Noir winery


The new winery, which contains 52 tanks, would concentrate on Jackson Estate’s “top end” Pinot Noirs.
Situated on Jackson’s Road in Marlborough, the structure would allow the producer greater control of its premium small-batch wines, said head winemaker, Matt Patterson-Green.
“It will give us hands-on control of the top 10% of our wines and will be almost entirely devoted to Pinot Noir, which has been our biggest focus for the past 10 years,” he said.
In a bid to represent the color of Pinot Noir, the modern building is pale ruby-coloured and features a cellar door modeled on the original 1850s homestead. 
Patterson-Green said the winery was a nod to Jackson Estate’s pioneering ethos, combining “advanced winemaking techniques with an old-world, hands-on approach to produce great wines that showed longevity, elegance, and finesse”.
“Our new Pinot Noir winery is a stunning piece of architecture, and, by combining the old and the new, it is a great testament to Jackson Estate’s core philosophy.

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