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Buonafide 0.0 Alcohol Free Italian Wines Now Available at Select Whole Foods Market Locations in Florida



Buonafide Foods announced today that Whole Foods Market has introduced its selection of Buonafide 0.0 Alcohol-Free Italian Wines to select Florida locations for customers who may be seeking a totally alcohol-free wine as an alternative.  The selections are made with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Passerina grape varietals. Buonafide 0.0 Totally Alcohol Free Wine beverages are produced in traditional winemaking methods that include fermentation, with the exception that the alcohol is removed through a reverse osmosis process. The wines maintain their organoleptic healthy benefits while offering over 50% less calories than regular wine and significantly less sugar than competing non-alcoholic wines.  The wines are dry, not sweet and are described by Italy's Top Sommelier, 2016, Maurizio Dante Filippi, as very interesting, fresh and clean, easily drinkable.  Buonafide 0.0 Alcohol-Free Wines are produced and imported directly from the Italian Alps region of Alto Adige.

CEO, Michael Yourison states, "I am extremely pleased that Buonafide 0.0 Alcohol-Free Italian Wines will now be available in select Whole Foods Market locations in Florida.  Alcohol-Free alternatives continue to become increasingly popular and in demand for those who do not consume alcohol for any reason.  Buonafide 0.0 Alcohol-Free Italian Wines are a healthy option.  It provides the same ritual experience and sense of occasion that brings a feeling of inclusiveness and enjoyment with meals and entertainment without the negative effects of alcohol."

Buonafide 0.0 Alcohol-Free Italian Wines can be found in the Wine Department Specialty section at select Whole Foods Market locations in Florida. 

About Buonafide Foods

Importer Buonafide Foods celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary this year continuing the company's commitment to support small farmers and producers who are committed to sustainable agriculture. Buonafide Foods personally meets with producers touring and discussing all facets of the production process, verifying statements and lab analysis ensuring customers an authentic verifiable Italian experience from farm to table.  For more information visit:

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