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Serum to relaunch Panama rums with new design



Founded by the Kratochvilovci company, which hails from Prague, Czech Republic, the new Serum bottles were inspired by old Panamanian rum barrels.

The brand now boasts a new logo and labels, which depict a large drop of rum to complement the rum’s tagline, ‘taste of Panama in every drop’.

It is hoped the rebrand will help Serum expand its global footprint from Central European markets to the rest of the world.

Stephan Stanek, Serum marketing director, said: “While our customers are more than satisfied with the taste of Serum rums and stories behind them, to give our rums an even more authentic feel, we felt it would be best to invest in [a] high-quality design to help introduce our rums to new rum lovers around the globe.”

The Serum range includes Serum Elixir (35% ABV, RRP €29/ US$32), described as being honeyed and fruity on the nose, with flavours of almonds and peaches.

Serum Gorgas Gran Reserva (40% ABV, RRP €39/ US$43) is described as having a spicy aroma with hints of honey, orange zest, and oak on the palate.

Completing the series is Serum Ancon (40% ABV, RRP €45/ US$50), which has been aged for 10 years and is said to have tasting notes of vanilla, raisins, figs, dates, almonds, and wood.

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