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Lost Loch Distillery Debuts ‘First’ Scottish Absinthe



The Lost Loch Distillery has launched what is thought to be the first absinthe produced in Scotland, called Murmichan.

Based on traditional Swiss absinthe, Murmichan uses natural botanicals for both flavouring and colouring the spirit.

Named in honour of a wicked Scots fairy, Murmichan is made with traditional and Scottish botanicals, such as grande wormwood, green aniseed, fennel seed, star anise, bramble leaves and heather flower, all contributing to Murmichan’s ‘unique’ flavour.

Water from the ancient Pannanich Wells in the Cairngorms help create the spirit which, when nosed at bottle strength (64% abv), has an aroma “dominated by aniseed and fennel, but with the addition of just a few drops of cold water a vegetal and herbal complexity emerges. Lemon thyme and mint shine through supported by floral and earthy notes”.

When tasted at bottle strength, “strong aniseed is dominant instantaneously but fades to a bright and citrusy fennel with a long bittersweet finish. The slick bitterness coats the tongue, but lacks astringency or harshness”.

Murmichan has been created to be enjoyed with sugar and water in the traditional manner but can also be sipped neat or in cocktails such as a Sazerac, Corpse Reviver #2’s or a Death in the Afternoon.

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