Private Label Wine Producers in Australia

On this page you can find the list of Private Label Wine Producers in Australia like Lavina Wines, Dominic Wines of Australia, Salena Estate Wines, Idyll Wine Co., Bull & Bull Luxury Australian Wine


Lavina Wines

Their team at Lavina Wines are specialists in the design, production, and implementation of Private Wine Labels into the international and domestic market. They have witnessed huge growth in the private label segment, in particular in emerging markets where strong brands and existing distribution channels are already in place.

They successfully help Private Label clients to build value and equity in their own wine brand:

  1. by supplying quality wine at an agreed price point;
  2. by designing a label (if required) or choosing one from their extensive private label portfolio;
  3. by overseeing the production and printing of the label;
  4. by providing bottling, production, labeling and distribution logistics.

They manage the labeling process from start to finish including all AWBC approvals.

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Dominic Wines of Australia

Their team at Dominic Wines assists with the production and implementation of Private Wine Labels into the international and domestic market. Dominic Wines have the ability to produce small to large, ongoing volumes of wine from the Riverland and premium wine-growing regions of South Australia, including the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Langhorne Creek, Adelaide Hills, and McLaren Vale.

At Dominic Wines, they have the ability to manage the entire wine production and supply process, including winemaking, bottling, labeling and packaging, and logistics, including container packing.

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Salena Estate Wines

With a flexibility and fully-integrated Private Label service, Salena Estate is the perfect partner for your buyers-own-brand requirements. Salena Estate can offer the supply or procurement of bulk wine across a wide range of regions and varieties, sourcing of dry- goods to your specification, packaging and a complete logistics service including documentation and FOB services. Additionally, as a certified organic processor, Salena Estate is perfectly positioned to meet clients’ needs in this expanding segment of the wine market.

All major varieties and styles including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Moscato, and Rose. All major varieties available and South Australian wine regions available including the Riverland, Clare Valley, Barossa and McLaren Vale.

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Idyll Wine Co.

With over 10 years of private label production, they are the ideal partner for all your private label or buyers-own-brand requirements. They offer a fully-integrated Private Label service that includes the supply or procurement of bulk wine across a wide range of regions and varieties, sourcing of dry-goods to your specification, packaging and a complete logistics service including documentation and FOB services. They can put you in touch with top designers for your own custom label, carton, cork or screwcap.

They have a wide range of varietals available Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Merlot, Shiraz Cabernet, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Pink Moscato, Sparkling White, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Fiano, Non-varietal white and non-varietal red.

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Bull & Bull Luxury Australian Wine

Bull & Bull believes that luxury does not come from a price tag, it is the result of many steps of excellence. It specialises in excellence from winemaking to wine marketing to wine selling. What sets them apart is their wine quality, brand quality and client support which makes them a leading supplier of luxury Australian wine. Bull & Bull are luxury wine specialists with 20+ years of experience in super premium wine. They work on a full-service model, it's more than a simple supply of wine, it's a partnership in brand building from the vine all the way through to marketing to the consumer.

Their collection of super-premium brands have heritage and provenance. These exceptional wines are made from regions including the Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, and Coonawarra.

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Amphora Wine Group

Amphora Wine Group is a premium Australian wine producer and Australia’s leading purveyor of finished wine for private label. In addition to their own Branded Wines, Amphora Wine Group can help customers establish their own Brands. Customers can design or supply their own labels to be used on their wide range of cleanskin wines. This gives the customer brand-ownership and complete control over design, pricing, marketing, and distribution.

Corporate Customers can develop a wine label as a unique business gift or staff incentive. Private labels can be developed for marketing purposes, seminars, trade shows, and business events. Amphora can also provide wines for fundraising purposes. Work directly with their in-house graphic art team to create a label that is specifically designed to your needs.

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Light’s View Wines

If you are looking to produce and sell your own exclusive brand of wine they can help. Their team has over 8 years’ experience in private label and bulk wine production. They can arrange to print of labels and cartons and offer a full logistics service including export documentation and sea freight for international markets. Their design team can help you create your own custom label or if you already have your own they can simply arrange to print.

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Cassegrain Wines

Cassegrain control every aspect of production, from receiving of the grapes, through crushing, fermentation, maturation, and every aspect of bottling, labeling, packaging, warehousing, and dispatch. This allows them to produce unique and exclusive wines under private labels for their export customers. They can also work with you to design and produce your own label, which you will then own and use as you wish; they have close relationships with various label suppliers who can assist with label design.

Having all of the production capability in-house, they are able to design and produce private label wines quickly and efficiently.

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Prospect Wines

They can design and print your own personal wine labels. They will even supply labels without buying wine! They can design your own personal wine labels! It is a great and inexpensive way of promoting your organization. Choose from their extensive range of wines, and they can help you with the layout, printing, and labeling. Custom wine labels are ideal for business functions, gifts, fundraising nights, weddings, special functions, and parties.

No quantity is too small; they will even do one bottle if you want. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles for your custom labels, from standard black and white to full color. They are happy to help you choose the right label for your event, and there are heaps of examples they can email you or call in & check them out.

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L&S Wine

L&S Wines is an Australian wine producer and exporter with a focus on providing Asia with the very best-valued wine in any price category. They have a portfolio of award-winning boutique Australian wines, as well as experience in private label brand development based on their customer's budget and the taste of the target market. L&S Wines gives its customers the ability to own the trademark of private label brands within the local market, while still receiving full marketing support.

They have long-term supply of wine secured and give their customers the ability to license their private label brands within their local market. They have access to a catalog of over 200 private label brands. Customers can obtain exclusive rights to these brands as they are or they can tailor them to their requirements. In addition, their design team can work with customers to develop new, original brands based on the ideas of the customer.

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La Belle Wines Promotions

LaBelle Wine Promotions is your one-stop shop for all your Promotional Wine and Corporate Wine needs. LaBelle Wine Promotions help you personalize your selected wine with a wine label to celebrate any occasion.

They have a small selection of great Australian wines that you may choose from. They source carefully selected wines from South Australia, Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley in Victoria and the South East Region of NSW for your promotional wine label. After many years’ experience in the wine label industry, their designers are always able to help anyone put together the perfect wine label. LaBelle Wine Promotions wine labels are colorfast and water resistant, and can easily be modified to give your label and business that individual look to make your business stand out from the rest.

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Cheviot Wine Group

At Cheviot Wine Group, they work with their customers to provide tailored wine products and services that extend from established brands, private label, winemaking & sourcing through to wine marketing, packaging and logistical solutions for today's global wine market. They have more than a decade of brand development experience and have successfully built, developed and established some of Australia's most accomplished and well-recognised brands; such as Red Hill Estate, Long Flat, and Arrowfield Estate, however, they are also full-service solutions specialist that provide value-added, private label & bulk wine solutions for customers around the world.

Their business model allows them to seamlessly utilize the capabilities needed to manage branded product in the very same way they approach their bespoke private label operations and they help their customers build value in their specific markets by leveraging their knowledge and specialist expertise together with an established integrated supply chain network.

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