Alabama Wine Distributors

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List of Alabama Wine Distributors

Alabama Wine Distributors ListInternational Wines & Craft Beer

International Wines & Craft Beer is a family-owned wholesale beverage distributor based in Birmingham, Alabama and servicing the entire state. Since 1974, they have provided our retail and restaurant customers with the best fine wine and craft beer selections available.


Global Wines

Global Wines is a family run organization, established in 2001 in Huntsville, AL. In 2007, the business was purchased by Bruce and Krista Jones, and moved to its current headquarters in Raleigh, NC. Throughout the years, Global has expanded its portfolio, and established distribution centers in over 40 major markets. With this growth, Global has never lost focus on South American Wines, family owned wineries, and the belief that family focus is and shall always be the central driver in everything that we do.



Grassroots is a great name for wine company and embodies a lot of what we do. By and large, our portfolio is filled with farmer-produced wine, from our most expensive Grower Champagnes to our everyday house wines. If our wines are not estate produced, they are usually made by a former farmer or vineyard manager. Our bumper sticker motto is: “Farms, not Factories” or “Tractors, not Tankers”

Their portfolio is filled with small, family-owned producers that over-deliver in value at every price point. Likewise, most of their customers are small, family-owned restaurants and stores who appreciate the value of supporting locally owned businesses and want to bring their customers the highest quality wines available.

Today, the Grassroots family employs more than 30 people in Alabama and South Carolina. We happily support more than 30 charitable events in our states. We are extremely proud of our people, our products, and our communities.


Georgia Crown Distributing Co

Georgia Crown Distributing Co. is a full service beverage distributor selling imported and domestic spirits, wines, beers and specialty products. Georgia Crown has wholesale operations doing business in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. In 1990, Georgia Crown entered the home and office bottled water business, and in 1991, opened its first bottling plant producing bottled water. Currently, the bottling plant and spring that feeds it is located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and the home and office water division is named Melwood Springs.


find wine distributorsRush Wines

Rush Wines is a small, Birmingham-based distributor of limited-production wines from independently owned wineries around the world. Founded in August of 2002 by entrepreneur Rush Garner, Rush Wines seeks to promote wine awareness in Alabama by bringing some of the world’s finest wines to its local markets, as well as by introducing consumers to the people behind the wines. The company is also involved in the production of its own private-label series of wines, which embodies our focus on higher-quality, handcrafted wines made by small-scale, family-owned wineries.


United-Johnson Brothers of Alabama, LLC.

United-Johnson Brothers is the largest wine wholesaler in Alabama, serving nation-wide business and independent stores alike. No matter what size business you have and no matter what the demands of your customers, United-Johnson Brothers can give you the inventory you need and what your customers are asking for.

In November 2010 MBC/United and Johnson Brothers Wine of Alabama merged to create United Johnson Brothers of Alabama, LLC. The merger combined the compatible portfolios of two of the largest distributors in Alabama. MBC/United was a subsidiary of United Distributors of Georgia a family owned company and Johnson Brothers Wine was subsidiary Johnson Brothers Minnesota also a family owned company.


Pinnacle Imports

Pinnacle Imports was founded in 1996 by Larry and Beverly Wilkin as an importer of wines from the region of Burgundy. Over the next 16 years under the guidance of their daughter Kim, the company flourished as a fine wine and craft beer distributor throughout the state of Alabama.

In May 2012, Pinnacle was bought by George Thompson. He continues the company's dedication to its customers and brands. Currently Pinnacle represents over 90 domestic producers and more than 25 importers of fine wine. Pinnacle's craft portfolio consists of 10 domestic Craft Breweries and four imports representing some of the most highly sought-after beers in the worls.


Vineyard Brands

Vineyard Brands represents over 25 growers of estate-bottled wines in Burgundy, Chablis, the Rhône, Loire Valley, Alsace and Southern France as well as some of the best wines available from Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Germany and Italy.

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