Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Rich and Lynn Spirits Pty Ltd

  • Category: Distillery

  • Country: Australia

  • Date:10/09/2020

It is super exciting that the ancient Chinese spirits Baijiu - the world’s most consumed spirits are now distilled in Australia. This idea was conceived in 2016. Driven by a love of baijiu and fascinated with the idea of “Eastern spirits made in Western”, we set out to explore and finally were able to turn this dream to reality in 2020.

A baijiu is only as good as the water and the ingredients that go in, so our Baijiu only uses natural ingredients sourced locally together with Sydney Southern Highland spring water to ensure its freshness and purity. Our Baijiu is not only distilled by following the ancient methods, but also adding new twists to create its own identity, flavour, character and distinction. As a spirits lover, we cant stop there and naturally add gin and rum into our collection. By sticking to our principle, there are made from natural ingredients together with spring water. You will find their uniqueness of being distilled in Australia from them.

Our range includes - Rich and Lynn Baijiu, Rich and Lynn Manuka Honey Baijiu, Rich and Lynn Shiraz Baijiu, Rich and Lynn Gin, Rich and Lynn Rum.

We are an independent distillery with an artisan production approach. Our spirits collection is hand crafted, batch distilled and non chill filtered.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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