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Leilo was created as a solution to the stresses in our lives. The caffeine industry is oversaturated - we know where to go when we want to feel "faster". But where do we turn when we're looking to slow down? Too often, consumers are left with alcohol and other problematic ingredients to achieve relaxation. No longer. Harnessing the powers of kava and l-theanine, Leilo provides calm in a can, whenever and wherever you need it. Designed for the health-conscious, Leilo is non-addictive, all natural, and does not result in a hangover. It's the perfect reward after a long day of work. Find your flow - Leilo.

We're out to make the world a little less stressful. When we’re able to find release throughout the day, it gives us the clarity we need to be the best versions of ourselves. We call that relaxed, in-the-zone mentality “flowing”. Each sip of Leilo is a step towards feeling a little more natural in the world around us. We strive to help everyone find their unique flow and enjoy life, healthfully and naturally.

Over the course of 2019, we further refined Leilo’s concept and formula until our vision became a reality: the perfect drink for enjoying the moment. Throughout this entire process, we have stayed true to the belief that stress shouldn’t have to be constant. We can feel and live better with natural ingredients and the Leilo lifestyle. It’s time for a little more balance in our lives. We’re proud to be the ones to give it to you.

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