Beer Competitions In Europe

On this page you will find a list of leading Beer Competitions In Europe.

Beer competitions in europeThe International Brewing Awards

The origins of this great beer competition go back to the nineteenth century, The Agricultural Hall in Islington, North London.
While the event was enjoying its early, harmonious years, an "exhibition" of beers was incorporated. A very happy idea that was originated by Messrs Gillman, Spencer Ltd, who had a competitive exhibition of beers brewed with their patent rice and torrefied barley malts. Over 100 brewers responded to the invitation, the prospects of substantial prizes apparently having proved an incentive not to be neglected.'

There were only two classes in this 1886 competition. Class 1 stated that a prize would be awarded “for the best beer of any class or age with at least 15% of patent gelatinised rice malt or torrefied barley malt.” The Gold medal went to Messrs Dryborough & Company of Edinburgh. Class 2 offered prizes in three sections. The overall requirement was that the beers be brewed with at least 10% of gelatinised rice malt. The three sections were for beers with an original gravity of under 20 pounds (lbs 1055o OG), from 20-24 lbs, and 25lbs 1069o OG and upwards. More Information: The International Brewing Awards


The International Beer Challenge

The whole rainbow of beer complexity enters the IBC, with entries received from no fewer than 30 countries, including acknowledged brewing heartlands and representations from advancing beer countries.
Judges include some of the shrewdest beer judges in the land – retailers, importers, publicans, brewers, writers and flavour analysts. Add in some highly experienced judges from continental Europe to make sure we have an even better spread of tasting experience.

Judges study each beer in turn, considering the appearance, the aroma, the taste and the finish, before discussing their findings with other table members and reaching a consensus on which medal to award. The level of knowledge and experience of the judges is striking and, for a beer to achieve any kind of medal from such exacting critics is a real achievement. More Information: International Beer Challenge


European Beer Star

The European Beer Star is one of the most significant beer competitions anywhere in the world. Consideration is given to types of beer which have their origins in Europe. You, too, can take the opportunity to arouse the interest of consumers and to judge this diversity of tastes and styles together with brewers from around the world. The European Beer Star Award is solely concerned with those somewhat special, authentic beers. Prizes are awarded to the beers which best fulfill the respective type criteria, and whose taste and quality impresses the most. More Information: European Beer Star


Monde Selection’s

Monde Selection’s mission is to test consumer products and grant them a bronze, silver, gold or grand gold quality award. This quality label, awarded by a totally independent professional jury, offers the consumer and the producer numerous advantages. No less than 3230 products, coming from over 87 different countries, are tested each year in the following categories: Spirits & Liqueurs, Beers, Waters & Soft Drinks, Food Products, Chocolates & Confectionery, Cereal Products, International Wine Contest, with the patronage of the OIV More information: Monde Selection’s


North Carolina Brewers’ Cup

The North Carolina Brewers’ Cup is a non-profit, non-lobbying organization dedicated to promote the development and expansion of the craft beer industry in North Carolina. Its efforts are focused on the following areas:
1. Education – To provide opportunities to further members brewing knowledge and to educate the consumer about the benefits and varieties of craft beer, homebrew, and to encourage responsible, moderate consumption.
2. Promotion – To promote its members and their products to other brewers, suppliers, tourists and the general public.
More information: North Carolina Brewers’ Cup


British Craft Beer Challenge

The British Craft Beer Challenge is the ultimate beer test that will bring brews from around the world together in a head to head challenge. The search will be far reaching to all corners of the globe bringing the best beer from around the world to one spot in East London, the culturally vibrant Hackney .That’s why we will be recruiting you – beer lovers, occasional fans and total geeks – to assist in our search at a series of events held at . This event promises to be a modern celebration about all that is great about contemporary British craft beer.Unlike other international beer and brewing awards the British Craft Beer Challenge will invite the opinion of the most important beer fanatics of all – you, the everyday drinker – to cast your vote on your favourite beer.In case that is not enough reason to bring the family and friends along each event will see an array of local food producers and musicians ready to provide the perfect accompaniment to a challenging day! More information: British Craft Beer Challenge


Continental Beer Challenge

Award-winning writer Adrian Tierney-Jones has collaborated with us to produce Three-C’Son – a traditional farmhouse Saison with an added twist of three American hops. This is the latest collaboration Continental Beer from the craft brewery in our second Annual Challenge. We’ve invited writers and bloggers, including Adrian, Pete Brown, Sophie Atherton, Des de Moor and Glenn Payne to develop their ‘ultimate Continental Beer’. The challenge will see a range of styles brewed including a Marzen and a rye beer.a traditional farmhouse Saison with an added twist of three American hops.

Adrian – author of 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die – chose to brew a 5.0% traditional saison with a twist of three American hops – Centennial, Columbus, Citra – giving the name Three-C’Son.

Bill Dobson, our head brewer said: “It was great to have Adrian brew with us. He had a clear idea of the beer he wanted to brew, and the additional twist of adding the American hops gave it an extra dimension.” More Information: Continental Beer Challenge


Midwinter Home Brew Competition

The Midwinter Home Brew Competition is an AHA & BJCP sanctioned competition open to any amateur home brewer age 21 or older. The competition will be limited to 800 entries. All BJCP categories of Beer, Mead, Cider will be accepted All entries must be entered under the name of the brewer. All mailed entries must be received at the mailing location by the entry deadline - please allow for shipping time. All entries will be picked up from drop-off locations on the day of their deadline. Please note specific deadlines for each drop-off location. Under no circumstances will walk-in entries be allowed.
All entries must be handcrafted products, containing ingredients available to the general public, and made using private equipment by hobbyist brewers (i.e., no use of commercial facilities or Brew on Premises operations, supplies, etc.).
The Beer Barons of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Brewing Company, the Milwaukee Ale House, or any of the competition drop off locations are not responsible for mis-categorized entries, mailed entries that are not received by the entry deadline, or entries that arrived damaged. More Information: Midwinter Home Brew Competition


UK National Homebrew Competition

All entrants will receive score sheets and commentary prepared by judges recognized by the BJCP. Winners will be announced upon completion of the competition.
This competition is open to everyone. Competition Organizers, staff, judges and stewards may enter the competition. Measures are in place to ensure fair, anonymous, judging. Judges and stewards will not be assigned to categories that they have entered. Entries must have been made at home. Those made in commercial establishments, including brew-on-premise establishments, are not eligible. Categories: All beer will be judged as per the 2008 BJCP style guidelines. More Information: UK National HomeBrew Competition


International Homebrewers Competition

The aim of The International Homebrewers Competition – Hungary (hereinafter competition) is to propagate homebrewing and provide opportunity for homebrewers to meet in person.

In competition will be international for the first time, providing opportunity also for brewers outside of Hungary to take part and test their beers. As the competition is a non-profit program, all organization costs will be covered by the nomination fees. The main organizer of the competition is the First Hungarian Homebrewers Association (hereinafter organizer).

The nominated beers shall only be made by homebrewers appliances and shall not be commercially available.
One homebrewer shall nominate only one beer in one category. It is true for companion brewers as well.
More Information: International Homebrewers Competition


International Beer Awards

The International Beer Awards is the Oscars of the brewing industry, acknowledging the very best beer and beer brand styles. The evening was a great success that offered excellent networking opportunities for all major and minor breweries in attendance. The six categories recognise that it is not simply the contents that create a successful product, but also the advertising strategies adopted involving labelling, packaging, advertising campaigns and the environmental sustainability commitment of an organisation. More Information: International Beer Awards


Campaign For Real Ale

CAMRA makes a number of awards throughout the year to brewers, producers, pubs and clubs in recognition of excellence. These range from local and regional awards to our national awards such as the Champion Beer of Britain and National Pub of Year. Beer & Cider Awards


Champion Beer of Britain

The Champion Beer of Britain competition was first held in 1978. The final rounds of the competition are judged on the first day of the Great British Beer Festival. The beers are judged by panels of CAMRA tasting panel members, beer writers, brewers and the occasional celebrity beer drinker.


Slovak Golden Crown Beer Awards

The results are in. Slovakia’s most prestigious beer awards took place breweries competing — the highest in competition history. Sixty-seven beers were anonymously evaluated by judges in a 20° air-conditioned room. The beers were stored at 8-12°C. They don’t take this competition lightly. In the 10° category, Steiger took the gold with Zlaty Bazant coming in second, and Topvar taking home the bronze. The 12° category had Saris winning the gold. The silver and bronze were both taken home by Steiger Brewerywith Stein 12% taking the silver and Steiger 11% taking the bronze. As for dark beers, Zlaty Bazant 10% Tmavy was first overall, Topvar 11% Tmavy was second, and Saris Red took the bronze. More Information: Slovak Golden Crown Beer Awards


World Beer Awards

The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best internationally recognised beer styles. This annual tasting selects, awards and promotes the 'World's Best Beers' to consumers and the trade throughout the world. Beers must be generally available and for sale in bottles or cans. Judging is blind with regional style heats held in Asia, Europe and the Americas. All regions have their own Chairman and group of judges who select the style winners in their region. Style winners from all regions are then tasted against each other to select the World's Best Style. From these world winners we can then select the World's Best categories, from which the World's Best Beer is selected. More Information: World Beer Awards


Brussels Beer Challenge

The Brussels Beer Challenge was launched to promote the beer industry in a market that is not only a benchmark for beer but also home to connoisseurs. The event is backed by WBT – Wallonia-Brussels Tourism – and is this year Wallonia Taste the Difference promotion program.

The Challenge finally brought to Belgium a prominent international competition. Although there are already acclaimed competitions elsewhere, it was only fitting that Belgium should offer brewers across the globe a representative, yet independent trade venue to compete against one another.

Award-winning beers from the Brussels Beer Challenge benefit from media exposure and international recognition.
These awards are a powerful marketing tool paving the way for future development. For more Information: The Brussels Beer Challenge

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