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Sustainable Expansion: How Craft Breweries and Distilleries Can Expand from On Site Sales to 3 Tier Distribution.



BTN takes a look at how you can grow your craft company through sustainable distribution expansion.



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Taking your craft beverage from a simple on site business model to a multi-state, three tier distribution model can be an intimidating process. Depending on state law, self-distributing your beverage to easily serviceable, local accounts is a great way to start and getting your brand in distributor portfolios can really boost your bottom line.

How can you ensure strong growth every step of the way?

How can you ensure sales meeting success?

1. Building your Brand and Increasing Direct Sales.

Generating a large base of loyal consumers is a great way to ensure a market for your craft beverages, both on site and in on-premise and off-premise accounts. This means creating strong brand identity through solid marketing and nurturing your growing customer base with quality beverages and top notch customer relations.

Build a story around your brand

Creating successful brands that are ready for distribution starts from home. Develop a unique brand that you and your team think will really resonate with your target customers and build an engaging story to go with it. Take the time to tell your customers your history and get them excited about being a part of your growing craft business – word of mouth can go a long way towards generating brand awareness.

Once you've got your storyline, develop marketing campaigns around your branding to lure local consumers into your brewery or distillery. Use local directories and newspapers, social platforms, and advertise at events to promote your brand while keeping your costs down. As the owner, employee or avid customer, your products, special offers and brand loyalty programs should create an exciting experience for everyone.

Direct Sales

Whether it's through tasting rooms, brewpubs or online sales, focusing your energy on increasing your direct sales can increase your profit with minimal investment, but sometimes figuring out how to boost sales can be tricky. Let's take a look at a few ideas on how to increase sales:

– Offer Walk-in and Online Specials
– Create Open Monthly On-Site Events/Pairings
– Put on Holiday Specials and Event
– Invite Press (before, during and after) Special Events
– Get your clients to subscribe to your Newsletter
– Develop surveys asking for feedback on how you can make their experience better (get as much information as possible - including email, phone, etc.)

Increasing direct sales also means increasing your exposure. Find ways to get your brand in front of as many consumers as possible. Try contacting local media companies, getting involved in neighborhood events and going to/advertising at local farmer's markets.

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