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Building your DTC Business : Jena Domingue - IBWSS SF 2019

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It's said that Direct To Consumer gives you full control over your business. Hear from Jena Dominigue, who dove into the world of a DTC business. Based on her experience, she shared the benefits of a DTC business and how to build a successful DTC business.

***About Jena Domingue ***

Vice President, Global Sales at WineDirect Jena Domingue is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with more than 20 years of success in the wine, e-commerce, digital marketing, luxury goods and staffing industries. Leveraging extensive experience managing global sales for a DTC wine company, Jena is a valuable asset. Her key areas of expertise include fulfillment and e-commerce sales, B2B, technology, relationship management, digital strategy, negotiation, and sales team management. In her current role as Vice President Global Sales at Wine Direct, a Napa Valley company offering world-class e-commerce and fulfillment solutions to wineries, I am responsible for developing national and international sales teams. I collaborate to define the client onboarding experience and ensure that overall growth is achieved. I also manage our integrated payments program, with over $1B in revenue.

*** About IBWSS SF Conference ***

No show offers buyers a greater opportunity to meet producers who offer private label wine, spirits, bulk wine, bulk spirits and contract manufacturing. IBWSS is the ONLY show in the US that will bring the world to you. Over the course of two days leading figures from the global and US wine industry will share their advice, insights, and experiences on how bulk wine and spirits can help grow your private label and branded product business. The event will include a combination of conference sessions and workshop-style sessions. IBWSS buyers are other wineries and distilleries looking to meet up their demand, Importers, Retailers, and Distributors looking for private label programs, negotiants who are looking to meet the growers and producers. Get your visitor pass today and meet the leading bulk and private label suppliers from all over the world. Know More At :

***About the Organisers: Beverage Trade Network***

Beverage Trade Network is one of the world's leading networks for beverage, wine, spirits and beer importers, distributors, producers and related companies. Our database and directory listing of the world's leading beer, wine, spirit and non-alcoholic drink producers provides our importers and distributors an advantage to source and innovate their portfolios.


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