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Bevcast Weekly News : BWN009



Hello, and welcome to Bevcast Weekly News, a new series giving you a quick look at the most important news, trends and developments of the week.
Bevcast Weekly News is brought to you by USA wine ratings, which is an international wine competition that Beverage Trade Network will hosts in San Francisco where wines are judged For On-Premise Market on Food Parability, Typicity, Value, Quality, and Package

Submission is now open for the 2019 the USA Wine Ratings. Please visit usawineratings.com for more information on how winning theUSA Wine ratings medal can help you grow your wine brand.

In this episode we will talk about:
• In Search of the Lost Wine Consumer
• Wine Industry Keeping Its Eye on Changing Millennial Tastes
• Kombucha, the Next Great Beer Alternative
• How to Market Wine to Younger Millennials
• Turkish Wine Industry Looking to Embrace Exports
• UK Wine Industry Growing At a Record Pace
• Glass Recycling For Wine Industry Gains Attention
And many more...

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