Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Bogarve 1915 S.L.

  • Category: Winery

  • Country: Spain

  • Date:06/02/2015

In Bogarve 1915, exclusive wines & mistelas (sweets wines) have been elaborated in the family business since 1915, most of them under the Denominación de Origen La Mancha, referenced in the world as one of the most important Appellation of Origin in Spain. García de la Cruz family can proudly say that they are already in transition between the third and the fourth generation, continuing the family centenary tradition. Our wines & mistelas are an attractive novelty in the market, due to their quality and exclusivity, and a century-old family business tradition; as we confirm year by year with prestigious international & national recognitions and our presence in fairs all around the world. We are very confident about the benefits that our exclusive wines & mistelas can bring to your business. It is a European star quality product with an ancient tradition and a very interesting profit margin. We invite you to visit our website so you can become acquainted with the full range of products we offer, as well as the history and tradition of the family, becoming a part of it. Best regards,

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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