Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Failte Innovations

  • Category: Distillery

  • Country: United States

  • Date:06/05/2016

My name is Emory Finklea and I would like to introduce you to Fáilte Vodka!!! Here is a small story about Fáilte Vodka. Local Philadelphia friends one late night at a gym were working out. The scheduled workout was focused on the back and chest muscles. During the workout the cooling system at the gym stopped working but these two guys didn't allow that to cut their scheduled workout short. The facility started to get hot, so hot both guys began sweating tremendously but neither one would quit. Between each set these guys ran over to the water fountain and drank water or filled up their water bottles. One friend said " You know, this would be quicker if we had our own water, " the other friend replied with " you mean like start our own water company?" The answer he received was "no fool! we should bring our own gallon bottles when we work out." The conversation continued but it ended with one friend saying " man when I finish speaking with you, I swear I need to drink" the other friend sarcastically said, " I'll start a vodka company and give you all the strong drinks you need." This conversation was the start of many conversations over the next few weeks. The conversations ended with these two friends coming to an agreement to start a vodka company. Why? Because they wanted to do something unheard of in Philadelphia. Something that will employ many people for America. These guys wanted to leave a legacy which could represent who they were, confident, strong, competitive, and very good friends. This legacy became Fáilte Vodka, the worlds best tasting vodka and we would like to have it in your stores. Fáilte, pronounced (Full-chā) means " Welcome" in Irish. We welcome you to experience Fáilte Vodka. One taste and you will never go back to grain. Fáilte Vodka is a potato vodka and as we know potato vodka is considered by the experts to be one of the best tasting type of vodkas in the world; however, due to the high cost and difficulty in distilling vodka from potatoes, 97 percent of all vodka is distilled from grain. The Irish got it right centuries ago when they developed high quality potato vodka! Fáilte Vodka spares no expense in bringing back this Irish tradition. Our distinct and luxurious taste comes from the world's finest Idaho potatoes. This Irish inspired, Gluten Free, potato vodka is masterfully distilled 22 times and perfected through our sophisticated Diamond and Emerald filtering, bringing you 'the world's best tasting' ultra-luxury vodka. Let's schedule a talk and taste. Cheers, Emory William Finklea U.S. Control State Manager Fáilte Innovations, LLC | Fáilte Vodka International Cell - (484) 883-5605 EWF@FAILTEVODKA.COM WWW.FAILTEVODKA.WWW PLEASE REMEMBER TO DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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