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Five Seas Co.

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United States


Five Seas, refers to the five seas that surround the Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe: The Black Sea, The Sea of Marmara, The Aegean Sea, The Ionian Sea, and The Adriatic Sea. This peninsula and its peoples have been producing wine for over six thousand years now; some even say this land is where wine was first fermented. Our company has the audacious goal to introduce biologically sustainable and quality wines from wineries in the Balkan region, specifically the ones that produce wine in small batches with sustainable methods. Right now, the company only offers wines from select regions in Romania, featuring indigenous grapes such as Fetească neagră, as well as well known varieties such as Pinot Noir and Syrah.

Five Seas Co. started very small by two brothers, Evren residing in Bucharest, Romania and Oz in Boston, MA. Two brothers took road trips in Turkey and around the Balkans and tasted the beautiful wines that Balkans had to offer. However, Oz was still yet to find great Balkan wines in the shelves or the menus of the stockists in the United States. Evren, on the other hand, was enjoying these beautiful Romanian wines in his Bucharest house, when he thought of sending over a case to Boston. Why limit it with a case when you can share them with our neighbors and friends? Thus, Five Seas Co. was born.

The idea is simple yet powerful: The people in the United States deserve to have the great old world wines from the Balkans. These wines have been persistent in quality and taste for centuries, with most of its wineries are run by renowned winemakers. Balkan wines were once the staple of Parisian cafes in mid-century and they deserve to regain their prominence -- this time in the New World.

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