Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Kas'tell Vodka

  • Category: Consultant

  • Country: United States

  • Date:26/04/2013

Kas'tell Vodka: The World's Smoothest Vodka. Spawned directly from popular and hip hop culture, Kas'tell Vodka was founded by entertainment veterans specifically for those who want the very best in taste, style, and class. Kas'tell Vodka is truely a symbol of our culture. Kas'tell Vodka: 'tell it like it is. Kas'tell Vodka has formed a joint venture with Local Choice / TerrePure spirits to ensure the smoothest top shelf vodka available today. In addition, our brand has a strong commitment to charity and community. A portion of our profits will go directly back to help build communities and charities across the country.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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