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This gin represents a tradition of adventure. From the moment Alex (British) met Karena (Peruvian) they bonded through a shared passion for exploring the unknown. They aspired to create something that fused their respective backgrounds and heritages, as well as representing their journey together. As a consequence, London to Lima Gin was born! The name reflects the journey that Alex and his family took. Prior to leaving the UK in 2012, Alex became a liverymen of the Distillers and it was then that he began to hone his own distillation technique. Two 20 litre copper pot stills were put in the container that went from London to Lima and so it began.

Born of a quest to Peru that ventured deep into the Amazon Jungle, high into the Andes Mountains, and along the Pacific Coast. This gin embodies its creator's British roots and the culture and craft heritage of Peru.

Three times distilled in a hybrid copper pot still, before being blended with pure Andean Glacial Water from the summits of the Cordillera Blanca. The base spirit is made from grapes, for centuries processed to create the signature Peruvian spirit, Pisco. The Holy Trinity of botanicals - Juniper, Angelica Root, and Coriander are distilled beside Peruvian Pink Pepper, Physalis, Citruses, and Cassia, all of which are bound together with Florentine Orris Root. Handcrafted from grape to glass, the result embraces the noble traditions of two continents to offer a finely balanced gin with the exotic flavours of Peru.

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