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Education is one of the best ways to inspire great columns. Giving editors a story that actually provides insightful content to their readers is to truly show them that you have something special to offer to their publication.

There are millions of brands around the world who claim that they are the next big story. They assert that they are unique, that they are on the leading edge of innovation, or that their story is simply too exciting to pass up. Whatever the reason, they seem to think that media companies should actually consider their self-absorbed stories for their next piece.

Instead, talk about how you have triumphed over your latest setback and give tips on how you did it. Let down your guard and be honest about what it means to be in business. For example, instead of talking about how great your latest PR stunt was, give your readers a behind-the-scenes look at what you went through to get it done. Talk about your employees and how they had to work day in and day out even though you know they've been going through personal struggles of their own.

Don't exclaim your brilliance, explain your method. Find what truly makes your company (or your brand) special and examine the parts as you dissect it piece by piece. Once you have all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you, touch on the brilliance of each brush stroke of the painting as you narrate the practice of putting it all back together again.

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