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2024 World's Best Wine As Per London Wine Competition

CAT AMONGST THE PIGEONS FAT CAT TAWNY: Crowned World's Best Wine at 2024 London Wine Competition

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The results of the 2024 London Wine Competition are out and CAT AMONGST THE PIGEONS FAT CAT TAWNY from Australia secures the world’s best wine award by taking the number 1 spot at the 2024 London Wine Competition with 98 points.


The 7th edition of the International London Wine Competition was held on March 18-19, 2024 in London. The competition which is now the world’s most relevant wine competition where wines are judged for end consumers by quality, value, and package and that is known for its quality of judges is excited to share the results of the 2024 edition

Some of the country’s wine trade buyers, sommeliers, master sommeliers, and masters of wine gathered in London’s Marylebone, sniffing, swirling, and spitting their way through a vast array of wines at the 2024 London Wine Competition.

Comprising a line-up of some of the most esteemed and highly-regarded professionals in the hospitality sector, the judging panel who are selected not just for their expert noses, but also for having direct current responsibility for wine buying including Eric Zwiebel MS, Sara Muirhead MW, Matteo Montone MS, David Round MW, Susan Hulme MW, William Lowe MW, Demetri Walters MW, Svetoslav Manolev MS, Christopher Delalonde MS, Annette Scarfe MW, Alvaro Ribalta MW, Beans Boughton MW, Tim Triptree MW, Yves Desmaris MS, Mike Best MW gathered in London to review wines from all over the world.

Judges of the London Wine Competition

The top 5 countries that submitted in the 2024 London Wine Competition were Australia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and France. The top 5 categories were Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

“The London Wine Competition is uniquely positioned as being business-orientated and the fact that it attracts a lot of Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers gives it the highest overall standard of any competition when it comes to the quality of judges”, David Round MW. 

“Seamless organization” were the remarks by Beans Boughton MW adding Moldova as the best region he tasted at the 2024 competition.

The 2024 London Wine Competition judges panel picture of one team.

“I like the fact that the number of wines we needed to taste per day was not exaggerated and it was fair. 70 wines per day with plenty of time to taste was great! I liked the venue, very good light and tasting conditions. I liked scoring by quality, value, and packaging”, said Susan Hulme MW. She added “There is a very interesting and well-organized competition with some new ideas on judging wine not just on quality. There was a nice friendly, positive atmosphere. I enjoyed the Greek white category and some of the Australian and Mexican red wines were great to discover as well”.

Sara Muirhead MW, 2024 London Wine Competition Judge

Sara Muirhead MW said “It was very well organised. The judges were of a very high caliber. The staff pouring and serving the wines were very professional, helpful, and friendly. Great venue. I was particularly impressed by the English Sparkling wines, as well as two sparkling wines from Wallonia. A flight of red Bordeaux also stood out for me, as well as two aromatic whites from Moldova from the Viorica grape, plus a 2015 Rioja Reserva.”

Andrea Valentini said, “As always the organization of this competition is getting better and better, edition after edition”.

Christopher Delalonde MS, 2024 London Wine Competition Judge

The top winners at the 2024 London Wine Competition are:

- Best Wine of The Year 2024: CAT AMONGST THE PIGEONS FAT CAT TAWNY from Australia.

- Best Winery of The Year 2024: JUSTIN VINEYARDS & WINERY from USA..

- Best Wine of The Year (by Quality) 2024:  CAT AMONGST THE PIGEONS FAT CAT TAWNY from Australia.

- Best Wine of The Year (by Value) 2024: 2021 CHOOSY BEGGARS CABERNET MERLOT from Australia.

- Best Wine of The Year (by Package)  2024: MOUNT PLEASANT WINERY TAWNY PORT VOL. XXIII from the United States.

View the full list of results here by grape variety and by country.

Sommeliers, Importers, Distributors, Press, and Retail buyers around the world are invited to check the 2024 results. With some new features on the London Wine Competition website, you can check the product detailed pages, company pages, and also the product purchase links on those pages if you want to buy these products.



About the London Wine Competition

The London Wine Competition is an international wine competition organized by Beverage Trade Network. The competition looks to recognize, reward, and help promote wine brands that have successfully been created to tick all the boxes - quality, value and packaging. The London Wine Competition is designed to applaud and award the wines that drinkers and wine lovers would enjoy choosing from a wine list of a restaurant or simply pick at a retail wine store. The panel of judges at the competition consists of top master sommeliers, masters of wines, and trade buyers. Learn more at

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